I like stuff. Especially stuff that is made to last for years/decades - despite heavy usage.
I tend to spend a lot of time researching the best item (to solve a task) at a specific price range.
I would rather pay a bit extra / go up a price range, than having to replace the item sooner.

Here's a list with stuff that I have acquired, and approve of. In the bottom of the page, there's also a list of items that I have acquired, but do not feel lives up to the price.

With time I'll likely add my experiences/reviews of the items.

"De bedste til prisen" (REALLY worth the price)

- Bjørn Teddy
- Bamix
- Aarke Carbonator II (daily driver)

# Pans:
- Scanpan Modern TechnIQ (daily drivers: 22cm + 30cm)

# Vacuum cleaners:
- Roborock S60 (Mar 2020)
- Roidmi S1E (Mar 2020)

# Bike backpacks:
- Henty CoPilot backpack (daily driver; Apr 2017 - present)
- Henty 26L Sports backpack (Dec 2017 - present)

I'm almost religious about footwear. Only uses barefoot shoes (flat, zero drop, no support)
# Shoes
- Vivobarefoot Porto (2 pairs: tan + black)
- Vivobarefoot Scott 2.0 Leather
- Vivobarefoot Porto Rocker Low (black; march 2020)

# Hiking boots:
- Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG Mens

# Sandals:
- Luna Sandals Venado (daily driver during summers; 2016 - Present)

"Vejet, og fundet for let" (NOT worth the price)

- Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless, OverEar (daily driver; Jan 2017 - Jun 2021)